Evernote premium adds document search, Deutsche Telekom customers get one year free subscription

Evernote's premium package adds a bunch of extra features to the online jotter if you're willing to pay the price. Now though, if you've got a mobile, fixed-line or broadband contract with Deutsche Telekom, a deal between the companies means you'll be able to skip that 40 euro annual charge (around $52) and enjoy the power-user suite free for a year. Don't get down if you've already forked out, though, as current premium subscribers can just tag that extra year onto the end of their cycle. In addition, Evernote has added another feature for premium users worldwide it calls "Document Search," which'll rifle through various note-attached files created in MS Office, iWork or OpenOffice. If you happen to be on Deutsche Telekom's books, you can sign up for your free premium account at the link below. Then again, you've got until the back end of September 2014 to claim, so you could always clip this and get to it later.

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Evernote and Deutsche Telekom to Give Millions of Customers a Better Memory

Deutsche Telekom customers in Germany to receive one year of Evernote Premium

MUNICH, March 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Deutsche Telekom and Evernote today announced a strategic partnership that will drive new innovations between the two companies. Today, the companies announced the first part of their partnership: providing 1-year Evernote Premium accounts to all Deutsche Telekom customers in Germany.

Starting today, Deutsche Telekom customers can enjoy a more powerful experience with Evernote Premium (retailing at €40 per year). The Evernote Premium offer is available to all Deutsche Telekom subscribers including fixed line, broadband and mobile customers for the next 18 months.

Evernote enables Deutsche Telekom customers to take notes, clip webpages, snap articles, create to-do lists and record audio using their mobile phones. Premium accounts give those users a higher upload limit, faster and more robust note search, offline availability of their notes and more note sharing options.

To mark the partnership announcement, Evernote has also added a new Premium feature to its existing Premium feature set. Deutsche Telekom customers will now benefit from Document Search, which allows users to search documents, presentations and spreadsheets attached to their notes in Evernote that were created in Microsoft Office, iWork and OpenOffice.

Of Evernote's existing 50 million users worldwide, 1.33 million are based in Germany, making it Evernote's second largest market in EMEA. In Germany, Deutsche Telekom has 37 million mobile and 22 million broadband and fixed-line customers.

"We are excited to launch this new partnership with Deutsche Telekom, one of the most respected telecoms in the world," saidPhil Libin , CEO of Evernote. "With it, we have the opportunity to enrich the memories of nearly 60 million DT subscribers with the ability to capture and recall everything that is important to them wherever they go."

"At Deutsche Telekom, we count on partnerships to pave the way for innovations," said Heikki Makijarvi, SVP Business Development and Venturing. "Our goal is to offer highly innovative and unique services with the easiest access possible. The cooperation with Evernote is an excellent example of two companies combining their strengths for the benefit of our customers."

To take advantage of this special offer, Deutsche Telekom customers must request a service upgrade before 25th September 2014 at Current Evernote Premium users can also take advantage of this special offer by following the same link and extending their current Evernote Premium subscription for an additional year.

To extend their partnership, Deutsche Telekom and Evernote also agreed to join forces for the Berlin Hackathon from April 5-7. This weekend event will challenge developers and designers to rapidly prototype new products by using APIs from Evernote and Deutsche Telekom's Developer Garden developer ecosystem. It is hosted at Deutsche Telekom's new partnering office space at Winterfeldtstrasse. The Hackathon will help both companies to strengthen their relationships with developers and entrepreneurs.