Uber lands on Windows Phone, expands its on-demand car service dominance

Windows Phone owners can finally enjoy all the benefits of Uber and order cabs on demand through their own native app. The basic features are all present, just presented in the stark color blocks and straight lines Microsoft favors. You'll need to have either version 7.5 or 8 of the OS installed to download the app and, of course, you'll need to live in a city where the service is available to take advantage. The expansion to Windows Phone follows last week's quiet debut on BlackBerry (which the company only announced today), though it's currently only available on older devices and not compatible with BlackBerry 10. It was also just last week that Uber launched a redesigned Android client that was rebuilt from the ground up with improved performance, Foursquare integration and a fare estimator. It seems like Uber is looking to establish an insurmountable lead in the market before any competitors get any grand ideas.