Bloomberg: Intel nearing TV service deals with Time Warner, Viacom and NBC

It's a very poorly kept secret that Intel is looking to bust in the pay-TV business. Rumors have been circulating since at least December that the chip giant is working on its own set-top box and hopes to pair it with a "virtual cable" service that offers unbundled channels. Of course, content creators are reticent to give up the lucrative package deals they've struck, which require providers to serve up smaller outlets alongside popular ones. But the tides are starting to shift, and many are demanding that these channels be offered à la carte. According to Bloomberg, Intel is getting close to offering such a service and is reportedly closing in on deals with Time Warner, Viacom and NBC that would allow them to offer both live and on-demand content over the internet. Sources are reporting that the broad terms of the deal have been agreed to, and its only a few fine details and some financial terms that need to be finalized. Intel is also allegedly in talks with Disney, CBS and News Corp. Though, those negotiations are in the preliminary stages. If Intel can successfully land deals for CNN, Comedy Central, MTV and other properties owned by its supposed new partners then its TV experiment could stand a legitimate chance at success.