Samsung targets LG in $45 million suit, claims corporate image 'tarnished' by fridge advertisements

Samsung's corporate image has become slightly tainted as of late -- some might argue that recent launch events are to blame, but the company has a different culprit in mind: LG. This latest accusation relates to the company's position in the all-too-competitive home appliance space. Samsung has filed a lawsuit against LG in South Korea, targeting online advertisements that cited information that the company claims to be incorrect. You see, last year, LG told the public that its own refrigerator offered the highest capacity, but according to the suit, that badge of honor belongs to Samsung. This, of course, follows an LG suit against Samsung for its own promotional video on YouTube last year. 50 billion Korean won are at stake this time around, which works out to roughly $45 million -- perhaps just enough for Samsung to recoup the costs of its massive Radio City Galaxy S 4 spectacle.