T-Mobile details its no-contract Simple Choice plans: starting at $50/month for unlimited talk, text and 500MB unthrottled data

T-Mobile already let its new "UnCarrier" plans loose on its website without much fanfare this past weekend, but it's now finally talking a bit more about them at its big launch event in NYC. Dubbed Simple Choice, the new plans all of course do away with the traditional two-year contracts, and they all start with both unlimited talk and text. The differences come with the data options: the basic $50 a month plan will get you 500MB of high-speed data with rates throttled down to 2G speeds after you hit that limit. Heavier data users can opt for 2GB of unthrottled data for an extra $10 per month, while fully unlimited 4G data will set you back an extra $20 a month (or $70 total). A second line will run another $30 on top of that, with each additional line costing $10 apiece. Not surprisingly, the carrier is also making a big marketing push to promote its new approach. You see its first commercial after the break, and find a full breakdown of the plans at the source link below.

Update: As Android Central notes, there's also some changes to the way T-Mobile is handling plans for tablets, hotspots and other devices. Basically, if you have a standalone device on its own account, your options start at $20 a month for 500MB of unthrottled data and go up to $80 for 12.5GB. If you're adding that device to your existing account, though, it simply counts as an extra line, costing the same $10 for 500MB or an extra $20 for unlimited data.