T-Mobile LTE speed tests on Note II, HTC One and iPhone 5

Wondering whether T-Mobile's LTE network has the chops to live up to the "smokin'" adjectives we had thrown our way throughout the event? We certainly were, so we headed right to the suite of devices and got our hands-on all the phones we could. Speeds are quite good in general -- but interestingly things did start slowing down as more and more folks fired up Ookla's SpeedTest app, doing all they could to test T-Mo's nascent network. Join us after the break for our findings.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II was first up, and that delivered a very healthy average of 40Mbps down over three runs, with upload speeds hovering around 25Mbps. The HTC One came second (sadly, there's no GS 4 to test) and speeds there averaged 25Mbps down and about 12 up. Finally, we tested two separate iPhone 5s and, interestingly, saw different speeds. The first averaged 26Mbps down, the second 18 -- despite being tested at the same time. Download speeds hovered around 10Mbps and pings were always very good, typically under 50ms.

So, as ever numbers vary widely from test to test, but the network can certainly deliver some impressive numbers on average. Of course, how it performs with the crush of thousands of subscribers remains to be seen. T-Mobile CEO John Legere told us the company has plenty of bandwidth and encouraged subscribers to "bring it." That they will, John.