Rego for iPhone is a fun way to record your travels

Rego for iPhone is a fun way to record your travels

Years ago I enjoyed recording my travels with Gowalla. That disappeared and so I jumped on Stamped, as it had a minor feature that let me collect a list of places I'd like to visit. It, too, went to the great App Store in the sky.

Now I'm using Rego for iPhone by Makalu Interactive. It's a simple app designed to let you note the places you've been as well as spots you hope to visit someday. Unlike Gowalla and Stamped, the social aspect of Rego is totally optional. In fact, it's turned off by default.


Rego is simple and straightforward. Up top you see a map; below, a list of your favorite places. You can "pull" the map over the list for a larger, distraction-free view. A gear icon in the upper-left produces the minimal settings options, and the "+" in the upper right lets you mark a new spot. You can zoom in and out and jump to your current location easily.


As for the list of spots, tap anyone to jump to its location on the map, or tap the arrow next to its name for photos and notes you've created about that spot. Everything is legible and straightforward. I had no "How do I...?" moments at all while using Rego.


Here's what I like about this app: Rego is a list for me. There's no liking, sharing, thumbs up or comments to post out of obligation because someone you knew 25 years ago said something about a pizza place you both visited in the 80's. Instead, Rego is a list of places I love at home and abroad.

I can share if I want to, but... I don't. Instead, I add a spot by traveling to it, tapping the "+" icon in the upper right and tapping Save.

Once that's done, a new screen is created for that spot. From here I can add a note, snap a photo and read an inspirational quote. It's all quite easy.

Collections keep things tidy. You can create as many collections as you like (Restaurants, Sentimental Spots, Beautiful Views, etc.) and add a spot to any one with a tap. And yes, a spot can be in more than one category, like "Sentimental Spots" and "Restaurants."

Rego also lets you add spots you hope to visit, or aren't currently occupying. To do so, pinch the map to zoom out. You'll notice a target icon appears. Move that to the location you're after and then create a new spot as described above. It isn't entirely accurate, but I've been assured that you'll be able to add spots via address in a future update.


Rego is quite nice. It's easy to whip out and record, and just as useful when browsing or searching (pull down on the list of saved spots to reveal the search field). Note that you can opt to open any spot in a maps app, like Apple's Maps or Google Maps for iPhone. Now you're a tap away from travel directions!

I like keeping track of my travels, and Rego helps me to do so nicely.