Tweetdeck update for Mac and Windows adds filters for columns and search

Tweetdeck update for Mac and Windows ushers in column filters

Tweetdeck, the Twitter client that's more popular (and useful) than the company's own native desktop app, is getting a version bump that has everything to do with filters. Available for Windows and Mac users now, the update lets social tweakers get granular as they sort through columns and search with new content and user filters. Keen to see a column filled with only RTs? You can do that now, as well as filter by using select terms, media, verified users and lists. A minor visual refresh is also bundled in that gives users the option to expand column width and choose from more font sizes, alongside a couple of handy new shortcuts. If you're running Tweetdeck now, it's likely you'll be prompted to update. Or you can head to the source below to get things started now.