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OptiTrack debuts $3,700 PRIME 17W mocap cam for small spaces

Independent creators keen on motion capture have had affordable solutions like cheaper sensors and Kinect-based implementations for awhile now, but a large space for moving around has usually been required. OptiTrack has come up with an answer to that problem, however, in the form of the PRIME 17W mocap camera that it introduced at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The 1.7-megapixel lens has a 70-degree by 51-degree field of view that promises to capture motion in a relatively small space, which also means you need fewer cameras to get a full 360-degree shot. Other features include a global shutter, high-speed 360 FPS capture and low distortion, enabling UAV and sports tracking. At $3,700, it's still not exactly cheap, but it's certainly affordable enough for indie engineers and animators with space constraints to get started in the mocap biz.%Gallery-184366%

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OptiTrack Reveals Prime 17W Motion Capture Camera at GDC 2013

SAN FRANCISCO, California, GDC, Booth 1638-March 25, 2013-OptiTrack™ announced today the Prime 17W motion capture camera, the latest offering in the company's Prime Series line of high performance motion capture and tracking cameras. With 1.7 Megapixels (MP) and a wide angle field of view (FOV), the Prime 17W is equipped to maximize coverage in a variety of volumes.

The Prime 17W's ample 70° by 51° field of view and impressive 50' range offers users flexible system deployment and camera configuration. Though high camera counts are supported, the wide angle FOV was designed to deliver clean, continuous data with fewer cameras-making it an affordable solution for engineers, animators, and researchers interested in leveraging the Prime Series performance into their studios and labs. Also capable of tracking exceptionally fast moving objects, the Prime 17W's global shutter and 360 FPS full resolution capture rate make it ideally suited for UAV, robotic and sports tracking and other demanding high-speed applications.

"Every facet of the Prime 17W was thoughtfully constructed to afford users the greatest degree of freedom in assembling high quality motion capture systems, without a hefty price tag. We are challenging the outdated thinking that motion capture is complicated, and with this release are breaking down traditional barriers like budget and space limitations. The Prime 17W is powerful, easy to install and can effortlessly squeeze large capture volumes into tight or narrow spaces," said Jim Richardson, CEO of OptiTrack.

Prime 17W features include:

  • 70° by 51° field of view enables larger volumes in smaller spaces and with fewer cameras

  • 1.7 Megapixel resolution allows simultaneous body and finger tracking

  • Performance-matched image sensors and lenses for true edge-to-edge data

  • Super low distortion, "fast glass" lenses for superior light transmission

  • High speed, 360 FPS capture with global shutter easily tracks very fast-moving objects

  • 50' camera-to-marker range

  • GigE and PoE+

  • Aim Assist button for simple, rapid single-user setup

  • Genlock, SMPTE Time Code and external sync in/out

As with all OptiTrack cameras, the Prime 17W setup, when used with OptiTrack's Motive software solutions, produces the cleanest 3D data in motion capture, even capturing subtle finger movements with Motive:Body software. OptiTrack's Prime Series of cameras also includes the Prime 41, a 4.1 MP camera capable of capturing volumes of up to 75' by 150' that was launched in 2012.

The Prime 17W is now available for $3699. For more details, please visit: