Rumors hint Facebook is working on Android phone competitor (Updated)

Facebook is sending out press invitations to an April 4th event that'll involve Android. The company behind the world's largest social network is inviting journalists to "Come See Our New Home On Android." Details on the invitation are sparse, but sources for TechCrunch and others hint this event is about a Facebook-flavored phone.

According to the rumor, Facebook is preparing a version of Android that is tied deeply into the Facebook framework, much like Amazon and its version of Android that is present on the Kindle Fire. Facebook's version of Android may show up on a handset made by HTC. It won't be a Facebook-branded phone per se, but a heavily influenced version of Android that runs on OEM phones.

Apple users are not likely going to be interested in an Android phone with a strong Facebook influence, but it does call into question Apple's relationship with the social network. Will it sour now that Facebook is cozying up with the competition?

Update: While rumors last night focused on a Facebook-flavored phone from HTC, The Wall Street Journal chimed in this morning with a report that claims Facebook is working on software that "displays content from users' Facebook accounts on a smartphone's home screen -- the first screen visible when they turn on the device." HTC may be the first manufacturer to include this software on their phones.