April Fools' Day roundup: hamster beats, pirate's booty and Play-Doh printing

April Fools' Day is tough. Believe us. We know. It's 24 hours of fake news, bad jokes and Gangnam Style references. But not all of it is the internet equivalent to lining a toilet with plastic wrap. Sometimes, good stuff manages to slip through the proverbial cracks in the web. After the break, check out some of the holiday's highlights. If you dare.

Blue Microphones: Poseidon


We're pretty excited to hear Namor appear on Aquaman's inaugural podcast. We're told they've got a lot of issues to work through.

Barclaycard: PayWag

Turns out NFC actually stands for "Not For Cats." Looks like our feline friends are stuck with Square readers for the time being.

Gmail: Blue

Clearly there's just something in the air. Something blue. Blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue. Blue.

Google Maps: Treasure Mode

They're using custom 3D nano scanners. Honestly, this one sounds pretty legit, but we've been fooled by Google before. Remember Buzz?

Google Search: Nose

As much as we like seeing Google experiment with new user interfaces like Glass, we're just hoping the company cracks down on its search results before launching the beta version of Nose.

iFixit: Orange


The citrus scores an abysmal zero on the repairability scale. Apparently it uses a staggering 17 different kinds of screws.


April Fools' Day roundup hamster beats, pirates' booty and PlayDoh printing

Apparently Netflix's categories were even more refined than usual. Honestly, we hardly even noticed. That said, we definitely know which surrealistic William Shatner ballet we're watching tonight.

Sony: Animalia

Turns out the Action Cam Pet Mount was only the beginning of the company's embrace of our furry friends' lifestyles. Now if only Sony would get on providing more dog-specific content for its 4K sets.

Sphero: Peacekeeper Edition

The world's greatest cat-teasing toy finally comes in a rhino-size version -- with the help of your crowdfunding dollars, that is.

SwiftKey: Tilt

Input text while strengthening your core. It's a win-win.

ThinkGeek: Play-Doh 3D Printer


We've already seen 3D printers operating in edible mediums like chocolate and frosting -- but what about that most forbidden of non-toxic delicacies: Play-Doh?

Toshiba: Shibasphere

Sure you've played Pet the Dog before, but have you really, really played it until you've Toshiba Shibasphered it? Motion controllers, a 3.5GHz 12-core processor and 4GB DDR5 RAM -- it's like the dog can practically pet itself. We'd like to see your PlayStation 4 do that.

Virgin: Glass-Bottomed Plane


There's a lot to love about flying Virgin here in the States: the weird purple mood lighting, the free Doom, the Boing Boing station on infinite loop. But all of that pales in comparison to the momentary sensation of being Superman when getting up to use the restroom after a few too many of those miniature Jack Daniel's bottles. All of that's about to change -- on Virgin Atlantic flights, at least, with the introduction of a thin strip of glass.

Virgin Mobile: Smart Pagerz


Are we ready? Yez, yez we are.