AT&T to begin HTC One pre-sales this week, starting with 32GB for $250 (update)

True to form, carriers won't stop being so coy about the HTC One. We still haven't received any official information regarding the flagship's pricing or specific availability, but thanks to one of our eagle-eyed tipsters, we at least have a solid idea of AT&T's particular plans for the device. The operator is set to begin pre-orders of the One this week, with the 32GB flavor being offered in both silver and black hues for $249.99. The exclusive 64GB model likely won't be ready in time for early adopters, but it'll go for $299.99 once it does show up on store shelves. Our tipster tells us pre-sales will begin in the retail channel on April 5th, while pending marketing materials indicate the One can be pre-ordered online the day before. If this is the case, we expect it won't be long before AT&T delivers the official news, and hopefully T-Mobile and Sprint will do the same; we'll keep you posted as soon as it happens.

[Thanks, anonymous]

Update: and AT&T has now gone official -- it appears that our source nailed the 64GB pricing ($300), but the 32GB will actually be $200, which will give HTC a bit of a competitive advantage over the Samsung GS 4. Pre-orders begin April 4th and units will be available in stores and online on April 19th.