Call Bliss 1.1 improves on the original

Call Bliss 11 improves on the original

I reviewedCall Bliss by Clarke Hill (US$4.99) in January. It's an alternative to Apple's Do Not Disturb feature that extends the service with nice additions such as location awareness, which lets you block or permit incoming calls while you're at a certain location.

I had some issues with version 1.0, and most were design-related. Fortunately, version 1.1 makes huge improvements. For starters, the introductory tutorial is much improved, as the eye-straining logo has been removed. The whole thing is significantly easier to read and more pleasant to look at.

In fact, the whole thing looks a lot better. Every screen is improved and much easier to read and understand. Kudos to the developer.

I was also glad to see that finding a contact has gotten easier. A new search box makes it easy to find just the contact you're looking for.

Call Bliss offers more fine-grain control over which calls reach your phone and when than Apple's own Do Not Disturb. Version 1.1 of the app is a nice step forward. If this is something you're looking for, check it out.