Firefox 20 official with a seamless download manager, private windows (video)

Some Firefox releases have more noticeable changes than others. We'd say that the newly finalized Firefox 20 is firmly in that first camp. The new release gives desktop users a Safari-like download manager that pops out from the toolbar, making it possible to check on a big download without anything so ungainly as a separate window. Also new are more refined approaches to private browsing that can open a new window (on the desktop) or tab (on Android) for those extra-personal, secretive... gift-shopping sessions, according to Mozilla. Whether or not you believe that euphemism, there's no doubt that Android users receive their own specific treat through support for lower-end ARMv6 phones, including relative oldies like the HTC Legend and Samsung Galaxy Q. Hit the source links to stay current with Firefox, no matter how innocuous your intentions might be.