Netflix's House of Cards comes to Blu-ray in June; second screen feature tweaked on Android

While Netflix is focused on a streaming future the first series to appear exclusively on its service will see a more conventional release this summer. High Def Disc News points out an Amazon listing indicates the House of Cards Season One Blu-ray will arrive June 11th, from Sony Pictures. Sony signed on to distribute the Media Rights Capital project worldwide after a window for Netflix's streaming exclusivity, so if Super HD still isn't enough quality-wise -- and since 4K streaming isn't here yet -- you do have other options, currently priced at $52.99 sans details of extras or technical specs.

Users may have also noticed changes recently in Netflix's mobile apps, like their to their ability to play video on other screens. While we'd seen the ability to push video to other devices and control playback already, Android users should be seeing some visual tweaks to help owners of compatible devices (PS3 and certain smart TVs for now) figure out how it works. With DIAL-compatible TVs the prompt shows up as long as the target device is on (whether or not the app is open), while on the PS3 the Netflix app will need to be open for it to pop up. Something else that's been rolling out is a prompt asking if Netflix can send push notifications, which is used to notify users of things like new seasons of TV shows they've watched becoming available. Check after the break for another screen grab, and let us know if you've noticed any other new features -- other than yesterday's April Fool-related overly-specific content categories -- popping up lately.

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Netflix's House of Cards comes to Bluray in June second screen feature updated on Android