Wacom unveils crayon-esque Bamboo Stylus mini for tablets and smartphones

Wacom unveils crayonesque Bamboo Stylus mini for tablets and smartphones

Wacom wants to make sure there's no buyer's remorse for those who didn't pop for a pen-equipped device, so it added the Bamboo Stylus mini to its portable touch-pen lineup. It joins the Stylus Feel, Solo, Pocket and Duo, but brings a stubbier 4.7 centimeter (1.85 inch) form factor and strap with a dummy mini-jack plug for terminal pen mis-placers. Despite the whimsical look, Wacom says the body is brass plated, has six colors of soft-touch rubber and nibs that are replaceable with firm or soft touch options. You can color in your order now for $19 at the source.

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Bamboo Stylus mini

Wacom releases Bamboo Stylus mini as high-quality, portable lifestyle addition to the successful portfolio of styli

2nd April 2013 - The Bamboo Stylus mini catches the eye. Available in six colours, with a high grade of touch and feel, and a pen length of a mere 4.7 centimetres (1.85 inches), the Bamboo Stylus mini is Wacom's latest offering in its portfolio of capacitive styli.

It feels solid. It looks and feels fresh. The Bamboo Stylus mini is for the most design discerning, who will also value the best feature yet: the Bamboo Stylus mini is extremely portable. It is a digital pen for on the move that can be used with a touch smartphone or tablet, without danger of it being lost. A strap and dummy plug allow it to be plugged into the device's headphone jack. The soft plug material will not damage the headphone jack – even after frequent use.

Wacom's commitment for high quality products is clear. The brass-plated body has a 'real-feel' pen diameter of nine milimetres and is coated with quality soft-touch rubber. As with the other Bamboo styli, the pen nib is exchangeable and there are firm and soft nibs available as replacements in Wacom´s eStore.

The Bamboo Stylus mini works well with Wacom's Bamboo Paper, a note- and sketchbook app recently released in a new version for iPad:

Availability and pricing
The new Bamboo Stylus mini will be available for £12.99 (incl. VAT) from 2nd April 2013 onwards at Wacom's eStore and other retailers.