Disney halts game development at LucasArts, moves to licensed Star Wars titles

Disney shuts down game development at LucasArts, moves to licensed Star Wars games

If you're old enough to have played PC games for more than a decade, LucasArts (originally LucasFilm Games) likely has a permanent place in your heart after a string of legendary adventure and flight combat releases. You'll unfortunately have to put the company as you knew it squarely in the past -- Lucasfilm's new owner, Disney, is ending internal development at LucasArts. The software house is shifting to a licensing model for Star Wars games, reportedly "minimizing the company's risk" while expanding the range of games on offer. There's a chance that in-progress titles like Star Wars 1313 will survive with outside help, according to a spokesperson in touch with GameInformer, but talk of layoffs from Kotaku dampens any chances for direct follow-ups to favorites like Grim Fandango. We won't mourn too much when personas like Ron Gilbert, Lawrence Holland and Tim Schafer have long since moved on to other companies -- still, it's unquestionably the end of an era for game and movie fans alike.