Design studio creates modular multiple iPad kiosk arrays: Functional art

iPad kiosk enclosure design house nClosures has come up with a fascinating and beautiful way to attach multiple iPads in artistic kiosk arrays. One of the firm's designers, William Coburn, came up with the idea that the company could build arrays of iPads that would "mimic the form of what is being studied, developed or even conceptualized." From some initial ideas, nClosures created a modular and scalable Display Array that can be configured in a number of ways to "visually emulate specific ideas or phenomena being presented."

As an example, the company used the design to come up with a kiosk display that looks like the DNA double helix that could be used with DNA-related content or apps on the iPads. Another example (seen below) shows the modular array set up like a tree of iPads, something that could be used in a museum or public display focusing on trees.

nClosures invites those who are interested in creating a custom display using the Display Array to contact them for more information.

Design studio creates modular multiple iPad kiosk arrays Functional art