Facebook Home to hit select phones on April 12th in the US

Facebook hasn't made Home official just yet, but we can tell you one thing for certain -- it'll be arriving on April 12th in the US. It won't be available on all Android devices that day, broader availability should be coming in the future. On day one it will show up as a download for select devices, which will include the rumored HTC First that we anticipate will make its grand debut shortly. As expected there will be no "Facebook Phone" or even a Facebook OS. Home is an app that will "transform your Android phone into a great social phone" according to the company. The roll out is starting with "just a few phones," (the Galaxy S III, S 4, the HTC One, One X+ and the Note II) but those lucky device owners will be able to enjoy Facebook's mobile vision starting next week.

Update: Zuckerberg and Co. also confirmed that Home for tablets is coming too, but it won't arrive until later this year.