Rumors suggest Austin, Texas is next up for a Google Fiber rollout (update: so does its website)

The major problem most of us have with Google Fiber is that we can't get it, but that could change soon for residents of Austin, Texas. According to reports by VentureBeat and KVUE News in Austin, invites are going out for an event on Tuesday at 11 AM put on by Google and the city. Anonymous sources indicate that's where the two will announce plans to bring the TV and high speed internet hookup's plans for expansion Until we hear differently however, Google Fiber's rollout is still only confirmed for the Kansas City area, so plan your living arrangements accordingly.

Update: A tipster informs us that the news section on the Google Fiber "Cities" page is currently (3AM ET) flashing a "Google Fiber's Next Stop: Austin, Texas" header. While author "SoAndSo" is not particularly well known, we'd figure this removes any remaining doubt where the service is landing next.

[Thanks, Chris]