OUYA promises improved responsiveness, simplified game installs for June retail launch

The OUYA's off to a rough start, with reviewers -- us included -- encountering button sticking and faceplate issues with the controller, and a variety of complaints about the $99 game console's OS software. A variety of backers also received their console in the mail with the controller's removable faceplates already removed, having slipped off during shipment. OUYA's addressing at least some of these concerns by the console's June 4th launch, company CEO Julie Uhrman promises in a letter to backers on OUYA's official site.

"Our software is constantly evolving," Uhrman says. As such, OUYA has "a host of features" that it's working on adding to the console ahead of its impending retail launch: "external storage for games, simpler game install process, more metrics for developers, controller support for video players, and more payment options." But first, Uhrman says her team is "focused on optimizing the performance of our software (this mean responsiveness)," directly addressing criticisms of the console's seeming lag between input and on-screen response. As for the controller, OUYA is "considering adding additional magnets" to help with the faceplate issue -- the controller's faceplates are attached via six magnets apiece, currently. It's unclear if the controller will change in any other significant ways ahead of the console's retail availability, but we're hopeful that the button sticking issue is also addressed.