Webkit's Chromium-specific code to be removed in effort to streamline

Now that Chromium has pledged its allegiance to Google's new Blink rendering engine, Webkit is set to have the now-unnecessary Chrome-specific code stripped from it. Apple Webkit developer Geoffrey Garen kicked off a conversation on the project's mailing list about removing the Mountain View-centric cruft, saying that it would streamline things and hopefully "make development easier and more coherent for everyone." Garen adds that Googlers Adam Barth and Eric Seidel have already offered to pitch in with the clean up, but he asks that devs who will continue using the engine tidy things up as well. Over the next few weeks, code in Webkit related to the search giant's browser, such as the V8 JavaScript engine, will be put up on the chopping block. With a Blink-infused Chrome slated to arrive in roughly 10 weeks, these changes shouldn't mean much for the average web surfer, save for Webkit being a bit trimmer under the hood.