Oculus Rift gets torn down by iFixit, adds high repairability to its kudos list

The Oculus Rift VR headset has had a wild ride so far after hitting its Kickstarter goal in a single day, raising a whopping $2,437,429 and gaining accolades along the way to the release of a development kit last month. iFixit (or one of its very trusting friends) was apparently one of those ponying up the $300 for the developer version, and naturally the first thing they did was put a screw-gun to it. The teardown reveals as tidy-looking a design on the inside as the exterior, and iFixit said that it couldn't have been easier to do. The only minor hitch was cables held together by tape which would likely need to be replaced in the event of any surgery on the Rift. It's hard to say whether that ease of access will remain with the final production model, but the way that Oculus has gone about its business so far, we wouldn't be surprised. Check the step-by-step process for yourself at the source.