Upcoming Macs may have 802.11ac WiFi, according to OS X Mountain Lion beta code

Code in the latest 10.8.4 beta version of Mountain Lion discovered by a 9to5 Mac tipster shows OS X support for 802.11ac WiFi, meaning next-gen Macs might contain the tech. Also dubbed 5G, 802.11ac brings speeds as high as 1.3Gbps thanks to beamforming, while also offering more range and robustness compared to its 802.11n predecessor. To date we've seen oodles of routers packing the still-uncertified wireless format, but only a single notebook with the tech has passed through our doors -- the Asus G75VW gaming notebook. That might change with a reference to the standard in the "WiFi-frameworks" folder in Mountain Lion's latest beta, 10.8.4, which was recently sent to developers. Of course, until we see a real Cupertino product packing such a radio, it's just that -- code.

[Image credit: 9to5 Mac]