Moog's Paul Vo takes his Vo-96 "acoustic synthesizer" prototype to Kickstarter (video)

Moog's LEV-96 Sensoriacuator was a prototype tool that magnetically altered the vibration of an acoustic guitar's strings to extract 96 simultaneous harmonics. While the company seemingly passed on a commercial release, inventor Paul Vo decided to press on with the unit as a solo project. Vo, the man behind the Moog Guitar and Lap Steel's infinite sustain, has gone to Kickstarter to raise $50,000 necessary to manufacture the first production run, since renamed as the Vo-96 "Acoustic Synthesizer." At a price of $1,450, it's not aimed at the general public, but hardcore strummers with fat wallets can head on past the break to see how the hardware can turn your finger plucking into a demented Boards of Canada b-side.