ASUS Qube to launch on April 23rd, says GTV Source, will cost $129 (update: now spelled 'Cube')


Remember that Google TV device ASUS brought out at CES? It could be available later this month. When the ASUS Qube's March 2013 release window passed without fanfare, the folks at GTV Source took note and did some probing -- eventually uncovering an April 23rd launch date. ASUS hasn't made a statement regarding pricing or availability, but the site says the release date and a $129 sticker price were confirmed by the manufacturer. When the streaming box does get here, it'll feature its own shape-themed UI, controllable by either the Qube's own remote, or via any Android device running a companion app. We'll let you know when ASUS makes things official. In the meantime, feel free to check our hands-on to see if it's hip to be square.

Update: judging from a Newegg video spotted by AndroidCentral, ASUS has dropped the funny Q. "Cube" will do fine from here on out.