Nokia patent application outs Surface-esque 'apparatus cover with keyboard'

Nokia patent application outs Surfaceesque 'apparatus cover with keyboard'

Apparently Nokia's interested in Microsoft's tablet cover slash keyboard market, filing a patent application today with the US Patent and Trade Organization for an "apparatus cover with keyboard." The description is what gives us that distinctly Surface feeling, which calls the "apparatus" a "cover" with two sections, one of which "has a keyboard thereon." Said cover is "pivotally connected" to a "display" (read: tablet device).

The concept is a bit different visually -- at least in drawings, as seen above -- than where your brain may be going. It seems to be more of a stand device than just a cover, and it apparently includes a stylus as well. Of course, all of this is still very much in concept-ville, as it's just a patent application and not even the granting thereof. So keep your salt shakers nearby and all that -- this could end up never materializing.