Nintendo to retire Wii network services in Japan, including the Weather Channel

No one disputes that the Wii is old, but old enough to retire? It seems so, at least in the case of a number of its internet services, which Nintendo has scheduled for closure on June 28th. An End of Life notice to Japanese customers reveals that a total of six channels will be put out to pasture, including News and Weather, as will the the ability for Wii Friends to exchange data over Wii Connect24. It's not clear whether these terminations will apply globally, and in any case Nintendo explicitly says that other key services will continue for the time being, such as the Wii Shop Channel. Nevertheless, the latest iteration of the Wii -- the Wii Mini -- wasn't able to connect to any internet services from the outset, so it certainly seems like the game company wants to shift its focus to the future -- and maybe that isn't such a bad idea. The source link has further details along with the obligatory "sorry to everyone" message.