Facebook updating iPhone and iPad app to add chat head support... today

Facebook we considered building an operating system for Facebook Home

First, the bad news. Facebook Home isn't coming to iOS anytime soon due to the underlying technologies that restrict the way apps interact with the iPhone's operating system. Now, the good news: Facebook is pushing an update to its iOS app right now that'll add support for chat heads. Mike Schroepfer, CTO and vice president of engineering at Facebook, just announced the news here at D: Dive Into Mobile, and if all goes well, you should see the update hit your own device later in the day.

According to Schroepfer: "The goal from the beginning was to get this experience into everyone's hands. As part of that, we're shortly going to announce an update to our iOS app that'll add chat heads. Multiple messages, multiple threads, same design, etc. You have to be within the app -- that's a limitation of iOS. You can't draw across other apps when you aren't in the app."