Alleged 'iPad 5' case spotted in Hong Kong, hints at slimmer and narrower body

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Alleged 'iPad 5' case spotted in Hong Kong, hints at slimmer and narrower body

Rumors of an upcoming iPad sporting a similar design as the iPad mini go as far back as late January this year, when our reliable friends at 9to5Mac shared some clear photos of a leaked chassis (check them out at the "More Coverage" link below). This was followed by an alleged photo of the front panel sent around earlier this month. But as before, cases for this unreleased "iPad 5" have also been making the rounds in China, and we've managed to get our hands on one at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair earlier today. It's the same old story according to a staff at the booth: the case is based on a leaked mold. Oops!

Compared to a similar case made for the two latest generations of the bigger iPad, this case again suggests a slimmer and narrower iPad is in the works, which would mean that this mysterious tablet is likely to have the same screen size but thinner left and right-side bezels -- just like the iPad mini. Similarly, the straighter edges support 9to5Mac's earlier leak of the iPad mini-like body. Let's just hope that Apple will still have a few surprises up its sleeves then, eh?

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