Planet Calypso's $70k virtual egg hatches after 6 years

Planet Calypso's $70k virtual egg hatching after 6 years

Entropia Universe's Planet Calypso is well-known for its real cash economy that usually includes some virtual item being bought or sold for an ungodly amount of money. In line with that, a virtual egg that last sold for $70,000 is hatching after lying dormant for six years.

We put a paragraph break there to let you process that for a second. Yes, a $70k virtual Atrox Queen dinosaur egg is breaking open as part of a new event where players need to stop the newborn Feffox from causing further destruction throughout the planet. Once players stop the deadly beast, they'll need to band together one last time for a massive battle to save the world. The event began on Monday but runs until April 28th, so you still have time to join in.

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