The technology of Stanford's Laptop Orchestra (video)

The technology of Stanford's Laptop Orchestra video

SLOrk's not the most elegant name, so far as acronyms go, but Stanford's weird and wonderful Laptop Orchestra wears it pretty well. The group dates back to 2008, an outgrowth of the school's Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, culled together from a mishmash of parts, including car speakers, pillows and salad bowls, led by future Smule co-founder Ge Wang. Fittingly, the project made an appearance at a party thrown by the darlings of the music app scene, and we took the opportunity to speak with club member (and computer music doctoral student), Spencer Salazar, who told us how SLOrk transformed a golfing game peripheral into an instrument for strange and ethereal music creation. Check out that video after the break.