AMD Q1 2013 earnings: softer $146 million net loss on $1.09 billion revenue

Just two days after the earnings report of its storied rival, AMD has followed suit with a Q1 2013 balance sheet of its own. The company reported a net loss for the quarter of $146 million, which stings, but isn't quite so painful as the $473 million loss that it took just one quarter earlier. Meanwhile, AMD's revenue of $1.09 billion is more or less flat from the previous quarter, but has fallen by $500 million since Q1 of the previous year. The announcement was enough to make investors wince, as AMD's stock price is now declining in after-hours trading. As for a silver lining, AMD emphasized that its gear will power the upcoming PS4. If Microsoft were to make a similar decision, then perhaps AMD could turn its financial frown upside-down.