Bump's photo-sharing Flock app now supports 15 languages

Flock, Bump Technologies' photo-sharing app, has just added localization for 15 different languages, gaining it potential international appeal. Founded by CEO David Lieb, Flock is essentially a photo-sharing app that collects photos taken within a certain location and remembers who you were with thanks to that aforementioned geo-tracking data. It's similar to Highlight or even Color, except the app doesn't need to be open. Instead, a push notification is sent to all users in attendance, giving them a choice to create a group album of shared photos.

Lieb tells us that it's picked up some notable user stats since the app's debut in July last year. Apparently more than 60 percent of the photos that Flock recommends are actually shared, and push notification response rates are around 40 to 50 percent. He also revealed that the average user gets around 33 photos from friends every week, while active users share 25 to 40 percent of all photos taken. It's no wonder then that the company aims to widen its reach with added localization -- after all, we know how well that's worked for other social networks. Head on past the break to see Flock in action, or just download it yourself from the source. Added languages are iOS-only, with the Android version remaining monolingual for now.