Game on! Razer to honor fake 90 percent off coupon

The internet is often renowned for its amazing bargains, but in the uncharted waters of cyberspace the best deals are usually too good to be true. This isn't one of those times. Recently, a bogus coupon for 90 percent off at Razer's UK store went viral, which resulted in a frenzy of online purchases. While internet scams are all too common, the company's response to this matter is somewhat shocking. Instead of canceling the shady orders, Razer has decided to honor them, but with some limitations. The company will uphold the discount on individual purchases for different products, but void repeat transactions on the same item. Due to some back-ordered items, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan warned that it'll take a few months to fulfill all the orders, and professed that his outfit would incur "an insane amount of losses" in doing so. Good form, Mr. Tan, but we can't help but cringe when trying to fathom how many of these were sold for around £11.