The Daily Grind: Do you keep games installed even when you're not playing them?

My Little Starfleet.

My adventures in Star Trek Online have come to a close now, but the client is still on my hard drive. There's no reason it needs to be there, and getting rid of it frees up some space for other games or data. I can always reinstall if I need to. Yet I find myself oddly reluctant to delete games off of my computer even when I'm not playing them, even if I know the odds are low I'll ever play them again.

Part of this is because it's easier to patch up from a midpoint than to start over and install fresh, but part of it is just plain nostalgia. Still, it does create unnecessary computer clutter. So today, I ask of you: do you keep games installed even when you're not playing them? Is your desktop bearing shortcuts to games you have left behind, or does it only have online games you're actually involved with at any given moment?

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