Acer teases May 3rd reveal of a tilt-screen laptop deemed worthy of Star Trek (video)

Our eyebrows are officially raised. Acer has revealed that it's going all-in with a promotional connection to Star Trek Into Darkness, and it's hinting at the May 3rd unveiling of a "unique" laptop that it believes would be at home in Captain Kirk's universe. We doubt that many people will still use Windows 8 in the 23rd century, but there may be some truth to the claims of novelty: a brief clip shows a clamshell design whose display can tilt outward like that of a desktop monitor, most likely to improve the comfort of touchscreen input without going the full convertible route of PCs like the Dell XPS 12. We'll know soon enough whether or not Acer's PC is the stuff of sci-fi or remains firmly grounded in reality.