Daily iPhone App: Curved

I have a soft spot for image editing apps that let me add some flair to the photos I take with my iPhone. One app that has made its way into my permanent tool bag is Curved. As its name implies, Curved Text on Photo lets you overlay multiple layers of curved text on your iPhone and iPad images.

Curved lets you add text and then apply a variety of shapes to wrap the text around elements within your image. Curved shapes include a wave, arc, bell, full circle, semi-circle and others. You can even draw your own lines to wrap the text in the way that works best for your photo. Once your curved text is complete, you can further stylize the look with an artistic font. The app ships with a handful of fonts and extra fonts are available via an in-app purchase.

Curved is more than just a text overlay app as it also has a basic photo editor that lets you tweak your image. Tools include contrast, brightness, crop, blemish remover, stickers and more. If you don't like the effects and stickers available by default in the app, you can purchase additional packs for 99-cents each.

When you are done with your creation, you can export the image at full resolution to your photo album. You can also share it via email or send it to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr. Curved has another option that lets you send the image to other compatible apps that are installed on your iPhone.

Curved is available in the iOS App Store for US$1.99.