Amiga Forever Essentials for Android promises to expand your emulation options

There's already a number of Amiga emulators for Android, but using them has so far required you to provide your own Amiga system files to actually get that emulation started. Cloanto's set out to change that today, though, releasing its Amiga Forever Essentials app for Android that comes complete with officially licensed ROM and OS files for the reasonable cost of one dollar. As the company explains, it worked with the makers of Amiga emulators like UAE4Droid, AnUAE4All, UAE4All2 to ensure the system files are auto-detected (you'll still need to use at least one of those other emulators in conjunction with Forever Essentials), and it's thrown in a few bonuses like Workbench 1.3 and the First Demos disk images to get you started. It also says that this is just the first of a planned series of "Essentials" packages for other platforms, but it has few specifics to share about those at the moment, saying only that it's hopeful it can "help make retrocomputing more accepted on other app stores."