BlackBerry 10.1 official with HDR camera mode, expansions to Hub and notifications

Never mind that a few developers spoiled the surprise last week: BlackBerry 10.1, BB10's first major OS update, is official today. The release arrives chiefly to support the BlackBerry Q10's hardware keyboard and smaller OLED screen, but it brings a swath of extra improvements that should please Z10 owners in equal measure. An HDR camera mode, which should fill out highlights and shadows in some photos, is just the start. The Hub now supports contact suggestions, PIN-to-PIN messaging and email with attached messages; notifications are more refined as well, with per-account message notifications joining options to define sound volumes and vibrations for each contact. Dive deeper and you'll also notice more granular text selection, better calendar viewing on the Z10 and the ability to copy phone numbers into (or from) the dialer. Do be patient if you're not bent on picking up a Q10, however -- the Z10 doesn't get its update until sometime in the weeks following the release of its keyboarded cousin.