Path app is adding 1 million new registered users a week

It looks like everyone loves stickers, because following its last update, Path is growing -- fast. The social app is now pulling in a million users a week and has recently topped nine million. It's picked up most of its new chroniclers and message-senders from English and Spanish speaking regions, particularly in South and Central America. In fact, 500,000 Venezuelans decided to start trying the app over a single weekend. According to Path's co-founder, Dave Morin, search features added at the start of the year have increased user traffic by 50 percent, while the addition of extra stickers and filter purchases has meant its making its way up the top-grossing charts too. The chief exec adds that the growth appears to be organic, with users largely split equally across iOS and Android, although there's nothing just yet on Google Glass user numbers .

[Image credit: Sticker Robot]