Sony prices its 2013 home and shelf audio lineups, clarifies availability dates

Given Sony's heritage, it's no surprise that the company loves its audio -- but we can imagine that some might be overwhelmed when the company has priced and dated the cores of its 2013 home and shelf audio lineups in one sitting. Don't worry, we'll break it all down. On the home audio side, both the BDV-N7100W and BDV-7100W home-theaters-in-a-box (N8100W shown above) are already shipping at respective $599 and $699 prices with 1,000W 5.1-channel output, internet-linked Blu-ray players and both Bluetooth as well as OneTouch NFC pairing. TV watchers who can wait until June will also see the STR-DN1040, a $599 7.2-channel receiver with 4K upscaling, Bluetooth, WiFi and 165W per channel; the $449 STR-DN840 receiver, which scales back to 4K passthrough and 150W per channel; and the $399 HT-C660 soundbar, which adds NFC pairing to the same wireless mix as the receivers.

Shelf audio is simpler, with every new entry arriving May 27th. Both the LBT-GPX55 (below) and LBT-GPX77 mini stereos offer a respective 1,600W and 1,800W of output alongside Bluetooth, NFC, a CD player (!) and dual USB ports at a $499 starting price. Those who don't need their walls rattled quite so thoroughly can spring for the $349 RDH-GTK37iP boombox, which puts out a still-substantial 420W on top of Bluetooth, NFC, an iOS dock and attention-getting strobe lights. That's a lot to process, we know. If you're not satisfied even after that deluge of information, however, Sony's pressers await after the break.

Sony prices and dates its 2013 home and shelf audio lineups

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The Company that has Kept Consumers In-Step to the Music for 50 Years Affirms its Commitment to the Best Sound Experience

Wide Array of Choices Meets the Home Audio System Needs of Any Consumer; Still the Only AV Receiver with Built-in Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth® and AirPlay®

LOS ANGELES, April 25, 2013 – At a special listening and audition event today, Sony Electronics introduced its 2013 Home Audio product lineup, highlighting the STR-DN1040 Audio/Video Receiver and the HT-CT660 Soundbar. Available in June, both products boast of Sony's legendary commitment to quality sound, and are packed with connectivity and accessibility features. Both the STR-DN1040 receiver, priced at $599, and the HT-CT660 soundbar, priced at $399, will be available at Sony Stores and, as well as retailers nationwide.

"Our rich audio legacy leads consumers to expect continued innovation and performance from Sony audio products," said Neal Manowitz, director of Sony Electronics' Home Audio group. "The newest AV receiver in our line has the simplest, most user-friendly interface, which when combined with a world first and only AVR feature set of built-in Wi-Fi, AirPlay and Bluetooth connectivity, raises the bar with respect to usability, and does so with knockout sound performance. Likewise, the new soundbar extends the Sony line and brings theater-like, high-definition sound to any room in the house, with Bluetooth ease and convenience."

A Receiver Built for Sound – and More

The STR-DN1040 AV Receiver delivers premium home theater performance with 7.2 Channel 1155 Watts (165 W x 7) of power and ten HD inputs (8 HDMI in), and features a newly redesigned chassis, an increased power transformer as well as Sony-designed capacitors and audio-grade transistors. "Just like a musical instrument, this AV receiver is specially tuned to bring out the very best sonic performance," said Aaron Levine, product marketing manager of Sony Electronics' Home Audio group. "There is a sonic performance reason for every part, every material, and every assembly technique put into this receiver."

Even at low sound levels, features such as Sound Optimizer maintain the nuances of the complete sound field, perfect for watching effects-laden motion pictures. Sony's innovative High Definition Digital Cinema Sound™ (HD DCS) adds auditory depth for dramatic cinematic sound that faithfully reproduces the movie theater experience. Spectacular sound is further produced through support of Dolby® TrueHD, Pro Logic IIz and dts® HD enhanced audio codecs1. For outstanding picture performance, video signals can be converted up to 4K Ultra HD HDMI®. Complementing the sound performance is ample connectivity for HD and 4K Ultra HD devices, supporting both new and legacy connectivity.

Sony offers consumers the only AV receivers with built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and AirPlay, and the STR-DN1040 receiver leads the way. Wi-Fi enables the STR-DN1040 receiver to easily access streaming media sources, and has integrated applications for Sony Entertainment Network's Music Unlimited, Pandora®, Slacker®, vTuner®, and more, as well as capabilities to seamlessly stream music from DLNA® enabled PCs. Moreover, with consumers more often accessing, storing, and playing music from mobile devices, the receiver also has built-in AirPlay and Bluetooth, allowing it to wirelessly receive the broadest amount of music from phones, tablets and computers. Users can also operate the receiver with the free Media Remote™ app available for both iPhones® and Android™ phones.

Also available in June is the STR-DN840 AV receiver, a 7.2 channel, 1050 Watt2 juggernaut with the same connectivity convenience of built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and AirPlay. With six HDMI inputs, 4K pass-through, Sound Optimizer and more, the STR-DN840 is aggressively priced at just $449.

A Soundbar to Bring Boom to Any Room

Designed to bring the TV experience back to life, the HT-CT660 Soundbar is a 330 Watt system producing exceptional audio marked by rich, natural sounds and incredible clarity. The 2-way, 4-driver mica reinforced speaker system delivers exceptional sound clarity with detailed highs and lows, with big sound and minimal distortion, all complemented by a wireless subwoofer that brings feeling back to the low end, along with an added convenience of being able to be placed anywhere in the room. The three HDMI inputs allow easy connection to up to three devices, such as gaming consoles, Blu-ray Disc players and cable or satellite boxes, while delivering superior high-definition picture and sound quality. Movies are presented as directors intended, with Dolby® TrueHD and dts® HD Master Audio modes the reproduce high definition sound for uncompromised quality.

Adding to the soundbar's arsenal, Sony's S-Force® PRO Front Surround 3D technology synchronizes sounds to match the motion and depth of images on screen so viewers enjoy a fully immersive, simulated 3D surround experience without the bother and clutter of surround sound speakers.

Connecting the HT-CT660 soundbar with mobile devices such as phones and tablets to stream music is as simple as one touch of any Near-Field Communication (NFC) or Bluetooth enabled device. And with Bluetooth standby mode, you can start streaming and enjoying music without having to turn on any additional components.

Home Theaters to Bring Cinema to the Home

Sony also unveiled its complete Home Theater lineup, including the BDV-N8100W and BDV-N7100W "home theaters in a box." Both products feature 1000W, 5.1 channel 3D Blu-ray Disc Full HD 1080p playback, with built-in Wi-Fi to stream Netflix, HuluPlus, Pandora, the Sony Entertainment Network and more3, and wireless rear surround sound speakers. Additionally, NFC or Bluetooth enabled devices connect seamlessly with one touch. The BDV-N8100W system also features 3-way, 47-inch floor standing speakers for exceptional sound clarity and definition, with the upper portion of the speaker separable and ideal for wall-mounting installations.

Priced at $699 and $599 respectfully, the BDV-N8100W and BDV-7100W home theaters in a box are available now at Sony stores and online at, as well as electronics retailers nationwide.


Special Features Enhance Sound Quality from Any Source

Mini Systems Deliver Big Sound with Unprecedented Wireless Connectivity, Built in LED Lights Turn Any Room into a Nightclub

LOS ANGELES, April 25, 2013 – At a special listening event today, Sony Electronics debuted new products from its 2013 Shelf System and Personal Audio lines. Available May 27, the products exemplify Sony's legendary commitment to music and sound, and are packed with easy to use connectivity and accessibility features.

"Music is the soundtrack of our lives, and for generations Sony has delivered innovative, fun devices for sharing music as a part of most every social occasion," said Andrew Sivori, vice president product marketing, Sony Electronics' Home Entertainment & Sound division. "Our newest audio products not only deliver explosive sound, but do so with easy connectivity and built-in lights ready to start the celebration at any time."

A Sound Machine You Not Only Hear, but See and Feel

The RDH-GTK37iP portable sound system is a 420 Watt mega-boombox party on-the-go, with connectivity features designed to get the party started with OneTouch. Simply touch Near-Field Communications (NFC) enabled mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets to the sound system to quickly and easily stream your favorite music. Devices without NFC capabilities can still connect easily through the system's built-in Bluetooth. Additionally, a front USB input connects MP3 players and flash drives, and an integrated docking system accommodates iPod and iPhone devices with ease.

Music is powered through a 2-way bass reflex speaker system with dual subwoofers, delivering 420 Watts total RMS power to ears in the room and beyond, and EQ and DJ effect controls let you customize the sound and take over as MC. But, the party doesn't stop just there, as the system speakers also incorporate multicolored LED/strobe lights to display illumination effects, turning any room into the hottest club. Priced at $349, the RDG-GTK37iP boombox will be available at Sony Stores and, as well as electronics retailers nationwide.

High Wattage Mini Systems Let the Neighbors Know the Block Party Has Started

Last year Sony brought more than a little shake, rattle and roll into its music lineup with the LBT-SH2000 high wattage mini system, a 2000 Watt powerhouse that gained king of the hill status in cities nationwide for its ability to deliver disruptive sound. Joining it in this year's lineup are the new LBT-GPX55 and LBT-GPX77 mini systems. Boasting 1600 and 1800 wall shaking Watts respectively, the LBT-GPX55 and LBT-DPXX77 mini systems both feature 3-way speaker systems and a single disc CD player, as well as dual front USB inputs for use with MP3 players and flash drives and also include Bluetooth audio streaming with simple NFC OneTouch pairing.

Both products feature EQ and DJ effects controls, letting consumers develop and customize their own signature sound, and the Sony Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (DSEE) restores life to compressed MP3 files. Like the RDH-GTK37iP system, the LBT-GPX77 model has selectable multicolored LED illumination to pulse with the music.

Starting at $499 for the LBT-GPX55, both mini-systems are available at Sony stores and, and electronics retailers nationwide.