Macworld's Jason Snell on the failings of digital calendars

For most of us, calendars are the cornerstone of our work and personal schedules. Though we own "smart" phones, the apps we use to track our days are still relatively dumb, argues Jason Snell of Macworld.

In a lengthy article, Snell asks why calendars aren't more like a personal assistant -- smart enough to manage your schedule, not just pencil in dates and times. He brings up his own schedule which is filled with meetings and seemingly no breaks. An assistant would notice his meeting overload and pencil in free time accordingly.

Snell doesn't offer any solutions to the problems facing calendars. He just brings up those areas that are weaknesses and asks people for suggestions on how developers can make our calendars become an intelligent management tool. You can join in the conversation at Macworld's website. Developers should join as well -- you could gain some insight into what people are clamoring for in their calendar apps.