Synthesizer giant Bob Moog to be inducted into Inventors Hall of Fame today (video)

Lovers of classic synth, celebrate: pioneer Bob Moog will join the Inventors Hall of Fame today. The USPTO is bestowing that honor for patent number 3,475,623 granted in 1966 for the so-called Moog ladder filter that gave rise to its original synth and Minimoog Synthesizers, and is still used in synths like the Voyager and Sub Phatty today. To fete the occasion, the company is reissuing its classic ladder filter t-shirt that'll come with a free hall of fame induction poster, and will also hold an ice cream social at the factory store in Asheville, NC. That'll culminate in a rare Moog synth-heavy performance by aptly-named local group Ice Cream, so if you're lucky enough to be in the area, the festivities kick off at 6 p.m.