Capcom encases 3DS, 3DS XL in vintage Mega Man look

Capcom store celebrates Mega Man with 3DS case

Capcom has taken part in an ongoing observation of Mega Man's 25th anniversary with statues, soundtrack releases, USB drives, and even an officially promoted fan game. As we stretch into year two of the 25th anniversary celebration, Capcom is producing a Mega Man-themed case for 3DS and 3DS XL.

At first blush, outfitting a 3DS in Mega Man garb seems like a cruel tease, after the death of Mega Man Legends 3. But Capcom is releasing all of the NES Mega Mans on the handheld's Virtual Console (it's up to 4 now), making an NES-style Mega Man motif appropriate.

The case will be on sale at Comic-Con, as well as at Capcom's online store.