Machinima app, other wildly random entertainment on Xbox Live

Machinima app, Gods of Rock awards come to Xbox Live

Xbox Live is home to a new Machinima app, allowing you to view that website's content, like Mortal Kombat: Legacy and everything else, through your Xbox. Joining that app are three more entertainment options, which we'd categorize as "interestingly eclectic."

Tune into the Events Player on Thursday, and you'll be able to watch the Revolver Golden Gods Awards Show, which is apparently some kind of rock/metal show, and which has apparently been going on for five years. The show is SmartGlass-enhanced, allowing you to fill out polls, see backstage interviews, and "Check out the award nominees in categories like "'Best Drummer,' 'Comeback of the Year' and 'Most Metal Athlete.'"

Starting May 10, Xbox Video will host new episodes of The LeBrons, an animated series about LeBron James based on Nike commercials. And in the indefinite future, a OneBeat app will be released on Xbox with a calendar of events, ticket sales and more for electronic dance music. Eclectic!