Angry Birds Friends recruits your Facebook friends in fight against the pigs

Charge your phone, hide your family and mourn the loss of your free time. Angry Birds has returned with the latest expansion of their fowl-flinging empire, Angry Birds Friends. The new version looks a lot like the old one at first glance. You still fling super-powered birds at structures in your quest to destroy the pig army. What's new is the social interaction of judging your scores against your friends, across every platform Angry Birds on which is available.

Thats right; Facebook, iOS and Android friends can all play against each other in a seemingly never-ending quest to cook the pigs' bacon. If you've already purchased Angry Birds in the past and don't want to shell out for another new version, don't worry. Angry Birds Friends, like friendship, is free.

The app is available now in the iTunes and Google Play stores.