Darkfall Unholy Wars interview talks sandboxes, mounts, and content updates

Darkfall DUN DUN DUN

The fine folks behind Darkfall Unholy Wars recently sat down with an Italian fansite to chat a bit about the game. They talked about how the new game stemmed from their desire to push the original Darkfall beyond the limits of its systems. There's no reason to scrap a good thing, though, so the developers have brought over a lot of the sandbox features from the original. The Demi-God bosses, naval combat, and mounted combat systems are all making a reappearance in some form, although the team has been trying to improve upon their original implementation. Additionally, the game is meant to support player-generated events, crafting without artificial barriers, a new dye system, and city vendor hubs.

Presently, the team is putting in frequent patches with bug fixes while working on adding in features. Once the developers' current wishlist of features has been implemented, the team can focus on planning bigger patches and expansions for the future.

You can read the interview for yourself here, but be prepared to scroll to get down to the English bit. Unless you're super pro and read Italian.

[Thanks to moxious internetter Festano for the tip!]