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Rawbots pitches custom robot battles in a sandbox

Rawbots lets you create robots and fight with them, now on Kickstarter

Rawbots is a multiplayer game in which you build and program robots to battle other players in a sandbox arena. Designer Alex Rozgo and the Rawbots team is pitching the game on Kickstarter, where they're trying for $300,000 to deliver the product on the PC, Mac, Linux, Wii U, and possibly the PS4.

Rawbots intends to have various parts available for the making of your mechanical minions, which can then be traded with others using contracts and blueprints. The structure of the world is meant to combine different types of gameplay, enabling you to put together various levels designed for FPS or RTS-style interaction.

So far, Rawbots has only picked up a few thousand dollars, but the project has over a month to go. The team is also selling early access to the game on its website for $29.99.