Xperia Z goes on sale at the US Sony Store for $630, Xperia ZL gets a price cut

Americans wanting one of 2013's Sony flagships have had access to the Xperia ZL for awhile, but they've had to chase down an importer if they wanted the glass-backed chic of the Xperia Z. Sony has quietly put that dilemma to rest by offering the Xperia Z through the US Sony Store. For $630, locals can get an unlocked version of the flagship in black, purple or white, albeit only with HSPA+ 3G for carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile; there's no LTE to be found. Those who do want 4G speeds won't have to pay a premium, however, when Sony is selling the LTE-equipped ZL for the same $630. While neither deal will be quite as tempting as subsidized phones at major carriers, those willing to pay full price for Sony gear can now afford to be a little picky.